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Cervical spondylitis 
Lumbar spondylitis 
Low Back Ache 

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Meet our Chief Physician

Dr Vinaya Babu B B.Sc, B.A.M.S
Chief Medical Officer (NC) Rtd.
Indian System of Medicine, Kerala

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Wednesdays 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

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Devadaram Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatments are to be done scientifically under the supersision of Ayurvedic doctors. We at Devadaram ensure that the patient gets the best treatments, authentic medicines, delivered by well trained therapists and doctors.

Dr P K Santhakumari M.D (Ay)
Chief Medical Advisor
Devadarm Ayurveda

Treatment Packages

7 Days

Rs 9975/-
  • 7 Days Abhyangam*
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Internal Medicines

14 Days

Rs 28000/-
  • 7 Days Abhyangam*
  • 7 Days Pizhichil
  • -
  • + Nasyam
  • -
  • Internal Medicines
* Abhyangam / Udhwarthanam / Kizhi - As required for the patient condition will be decided by the consulting doctor.

Dr P K Santhakumari M.D (Ay)
Chief Medical Advisor
Devadarm Ayurveda

How to Reach

Devadaram Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatments
Kudappanakunnu Junction
Trivandrum, Kerala 695043

Ph: 8606 482 494 | doctor@devadaram.com


  • I have heard people say Ayurveda is panchakarma. I want to know whether they are the same.
    •  Ans : Panchakarma is 5 main treatment procedures in Ayurveda. These are vamana, virechana, vasti (2 types), and raktamoksham. These procedures are done with  different medicines in the management of various types of diseases. 
  • I understand that abhyanga is body massage with oil. Is it good for everybody? 
    • Ans : Abhyangam is a massage with oil. It is used on head also. It is NOT good for everybody. In a healthy person, abhyanga can be done. But, in a diseased condition, a doctor has to decide whether abhyanga can be done or not. There are strict indications and contra indications for abhyanga
  • I have heard that panchakarma is good only in karkadaka (rainy season). Is it correct? 
    • Ans : It is NOT correct. In panchakarma, there are different treatment procedures and it can be used according to the clinical stage of the disease at any time. 
  • I have heard that Sirodhara is good for relaxation. My mother (retired Govt employee, 62 years) is suffering from diabetes, associated with mental stress and tension. She is now using psychiatric medicines also. Is sirodhara good for her ? 
    • Ans : Sirodhara is a treatment procedure which acts upon central nervous system, cardio vascular system and  the body channels(srothas). The result of the procedure depends upon the medicine used for sirodhara. There are hundreds of medicinal preparations used for sirodhara. So, it is done for various diseases from skin diseases to central nervous disorders. Mental stress and tension also comes under the indications for sirodhara. But, the medicine should be selected by an experienced hand according to the clinical stage and the predominant dosha of the patient. 
  • I am a lady of 45 years. I have back pain. The X-ray reveals disc prolapsed in L3-L4 and L4-L5. Can Ayurveda help me? 
    • Ans : ofcourse. There are highly effective treatment procedures in Ayurveda for its management. It includes internal medicines and also external treatment procedures like kizhi, kateevasti, etc. 
  • I am an arthritis patient. I am now using allopathic medicine. It gives symptomatic relief to me. I want to get a permanent cure through Ayurveda. Is it possible ? 
    • Ans : If you are ready to undergo systematic ayurvedic treatment procedures, permanent cure can be expected. For this, internal medicines, external treatment procedures and dietary restrictions are necessary. 
  • I am 58 years old lady and diabetic also. There is severe pain in my knee joint of both legs. Now, I am unable to climb steps or sit down on the floor. Doctors say it is osteoporosis. I want to know whether I can expect a good result from Ayurveda? 
    • Ans YES, you can expect. We have to analyze the condition on the basis of ayurvedic principles first of all. Accordingly, a treatment plan has to be charted out. There are very effective medicines for osteoporosis which can give you relief. Abhyangam, swedam, pindaswedam, etc are very effective treatment procedures for this condition. 
  • I am a lady of 35 years with 85 kg weight. I have consulted many doctors to decrease my weight. At present, I am doing physical exersice and under strict diet control. But, I get only minimum result. Can panchakarma help me in any way ? 
    • Ans:  Ofcourse. Systematic ayurvedic treatment procedures will give you good result. Body udhwarthanam, virechanam, swedam etc are very effective for this. Along with this, proper internal medicines are a must. It should be selected after a detailed checkupand an analysis on ayurvedic terms. 

Treatment Rates

Treatment Name
No of days
Total cost
Abhyangasnanam 1 1600
Abhyangasnanam 3 4080
Abhyangasnanam 5 6400
Abhyangasnanam 7 8400
Abhyangasnanam and swedanam 1 1900
Abhyangasnanam and swedanam 3 4845
Abhyangasnanam and swedanam 5 7600
Abhyangasnanam and swedanam 7 9975
Udhwarthanam and snanam 3 4080
Udhwarthanam and snanam 5 6400
Udhwarthanam and snanam 7 8400
Udhwarthanam and snanam with swedam 3 4845
Udhwarthanam and snanam with swedam 5 7600
Udhwarthanam and snanam with swedam 7 9975
Sirodhara 3 5610
Sirodhara 5 8800
Sirodhara 7 11550
Kizhi - full body 3 5610
Kizhi - full body 5 8800
Kizhi - full body 7 11550
Siro Abhyangam 1 400
Siro Abhyangam 3 1020
Siro Abhyangam 5 1600
Siro Abhyangam 7 2100
Nasyam 1 680
Nasyam 3 1734
Nasyam 5 2720
Nasyam 7 3570
Lepanam or Pooch 1 400
Kizhi - Local 1 800
Januvasthi 1 900
Exersice - for body 1 250
Greevavasti 1 900
Kativasti 1 900
Siro udhwarthanam 1 400
Healthy eyes package 7 days 1 12000
Mukhalepam and Mukhabhyangam 1 500
Vamanam 1 800
Virechanam 1